Why Use Advocare’s Breath Spray Over The Competition

Have you ever worried about the first impression left on a person due to your breath? I certainly have! I love to drink coffee, but every time I do, I am plagued by thoughts that the bad taste in mouth is presenting itself as a bad smell to every person I say “hello” to on the street. That’s why I was so happy to find AdvoCare breath spray. Not only does it taste cold and fresh, it actually works to cover up any possible source of odor in my mouth until I can get home to brush my teeth!

AdvoCare spray is so easy to use to fight bad taste and breath. I simply spray it into my mouth and enjoy the benefits. Now no matter where I am: at the office, on my way to a meeting after a long lunch break, or going out on a much needed date night with my husband, I can spray a little AdvoCare and know that I can speak (and breathe) freely.My kids love the taste of AdvoCare, too. You’re probably wondering why I would ever let my kids try my breath spray; well, it’s completely safe for people ages five and older. My kids may not have bad breath, but everyone can use a little bit of a refreshment here and there.

If you have ever been distracted from any aspects of daily life because you worry about your bad breath, trying Advocare is going to greatly improve your self-esteem and in turn, your quality of life. If you are too busy worrying about what other people may think, you can’t go as far in life as you should. Using a product such as Advocare can provide you with an easy, temporary solution to a problem that causes you distress: bad breath.

Take your confidence into your own hands like I did and give AdvoCare breath spray a try. I love the taste and I love the way it made me feel more confident by taking away the bad taste in mouth. I’m sure you’ll find your own great set of benefits with it as well.

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