Weight Loss In A Bottle – Just Add Water

slim down easyHow AdvoCare Slim Works

It works by suppressing appetite while maintaining energy levels for proper metabolic performance. You eat fewer calories while burning more. Since it is a drink it is easier to consume than pills. AdvoCare Slim® contains thiamine, an important vitamin that helps increase fat metabolism, chromium to stabilize blood sugar and combat cravings. Most importantly, instead of caffeine, it uses the green coffee extract Svetol to not only provide extra energy, but burn more calories which makes it a unique weight management product and a good product for healthy weight loss. Using Svetol allows AdvoCare Slim® to incorporate far less caffeine than commonly found in weight loss management products to produce even better results.

Delicious Weight Loss

Every serving of this weight management product contains a mere 45 calories. It is available in a wide variety of tasty flavors including tropical blend, chocolate mocha, vanilla, chocolate and berry.

Cleansing the Healthy Way

A key element in a healthy weight loss program is getting rid of the toxins that build up over time in your system. Using AdvoCare Slim® allows you to get important vitamins while flushing the harmful elements out of your body.

Fighting Fatigue

The proprietary blend of ingredients in AdvoCare Slim® help get rid of that lethargic, tired feeling common when on any weight loss program. Since you have more energy, you move more and burn more calories.

Carry It Anywhere

Even though AdvoCare Slim® comes in a bottle, it is not in liquid form for immediate consumption. The bottle just makes it easier for you to add water, shake it up and drink. The fact that the product is a powder makes it lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere and do not need to worry about refrigeration. The easy to transport and prepare feature helps healthy weight loss, because users are more apt to keep up with the program.

Garcinia Cambogia

One of the most powerful ingredients in AdvoCare Slim® is garcinia cambogia, also known as Super Citrimax. Super CitriMax is a fruit extract with amazing health properties. This simple, natural ingredient actually prevents lipogenesis, the process of converting carbohydrates into fat for storage. Instead, carbohydrates are eliminated from the system while Svetol increases your body’s metabolism to burn already stored fat cells.

Lose Weight Faster

As with any serious weight management program, a healthy eating program and exercise will only make the process easier and faster. The increase in energy makes exercise a little easier, and also helps you get through the day without feeling drained.

While AdvoCare Slim® is not meant to be a miracle drug. Healthy weight loss takes time and effort. Everything about the AdvoCare Slim® plan is designed to help users achieve the target weight that is best for them. Obesity is an epidemic problem throughout the world today, and AdvoCare Slim® is a great way to fight that problem while getting the most out of your life.

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