The Health Benefits of Fucoidan

fucoidan factsFucoidan, is a sulphate polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed. It is a carbohydrate. The extract has been found to assist in the apoptosis of cancer cells. In separate studies, one on breast cancer cells and one on leukemic cells, it has been proven that fucoidan helps to stop the process of cancer cells attacking healthy cells and actually turns the cancer on itself.

It was found in the leukemic cell study that it activates a certain type of caspase apoptic pathways to certain cancer cells by activation of certain types of kinase and affects the mitochondrial pathway to turn on apoptosis of the cancer cell and turn off the apoptosis of healthy cells. In other words it causes the cancer cell to commit suicide.Other benefits of fucoidan and studies have shown the efficacy in the treatment of other diseases and illnesses. They are:- Stomach disorders
– Allergies
– improves liver function
– inhibits blood clotting
– lowers cholesterol
– decreases blood pressure
– promotes healthy skin
– stabilizes blood sugar levelsIt slows the absorption of glucose into the blood steam. It may be the successful treatment of Type I and Type II diabetes. By lowering blood sugar, it also helps in alleviating the harmful side effects for liver and kidney disease.Some other facts are:- It is a dietary fiber
– It can help with weight loss
– Has essential nutrients to support the immune system
– Contains the same antibodies as in mother’s milk
– Destroys free radicals that injure cells
– prevent atopic dermatitis
– fight allergens causing pollinosisIn vitro studies show it is the same or better a preservative in foods and cosmetics. The study took into account where and how the brown seaweed was harvested.

Other studies of different benefits of Fucoidan are:

– Enzyme restoration to prevent liver cancer
– Assists the way nutrients are transported into and within the immune system
– It is in conjunction with antibiotics increased the killing of oral bacteria.
– Understanding how Fucoidan acts on cells can change the way cancer therapy is delivered.
– Shows increased antibody production in regards to viruses and neutralizing antibodies
– Combined with other antiviral medications may inhibit the growth of antibiotic resistant pathogens.
– Shortens the lysis time of dissolving a thrombus
– May be used to treat hemophilia by decreasing the clotting factor time
– May inhibit cancer metastasis
– While the itch mechanism in skin is poorly understood, it effectively “turned off” the mechanism and decreased skin itching which decreases skin infection from scratching.

Fucoidan is given in capsule form. It can be combined with any drug without any known side effects. It can’t be ingested as seaweed because that only contains 1 gram of the stuff.. The requirement for an optimum therapeutic level in the body is 3-6 grams of extract. It should be taken four times a day.
Studies are ongoing and maybe this is the true panacea for excellent health and longevity.