Fucoidan Facts

That brown seaweed that you found wrapped around your legs on your last beach vacation may not be exactly what you considered eating for dinner. However, many people around the world eat seaweed as part of a regular diet. Seaweed is actually one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine and it is well-known that the Japanese people often enjoy greatly enhanced longevity with many people living to over 100 years. Seaweed is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine and it can add flair to many raw dishes.


Fucoidan Facts: Nutrition and Science

Recently you may have read about some of the potential health benefits from sea vegetables and you may have even read about brown seaweed. Brown seaweed has been shown to help rid the body of excess fat, to help eliminate radiation poisoning from the body and to even have anti-cancer effects.However, unless you live close to the ocean, seaweed may not be first on your list of favorite foods. But it has been shown over and over again that this naturally occurring sea vegetable is a great source of healthy nutrition and the astounding benefits of seaweed may even go far beyond what you can imagine, especially with brown seaweed.Brown seaweed is exactly what it sounds like, seaweed that is brown in color. What has been found to be extraordinary about brown seaweed is a recent discovery of its active ingredient, a complex sulfated polysaccharide called Fucoidan. Studies have consistently shown that this active ingredient with the funny name has a wide range of astonishing properties that are hugely beneficial to human health.So what does that mean for you? Well one of the most interesting things that has been found about the polysaccharide is that it has immune modulating effects. This is important because modulation of the immune system reduces the extremes of cellular activity, whether it is the extreme of over-stimulation or the extreme of under-stimulation of cellular activity. Either one can be extremely detrimental to your health. The cells in our bodies are in constant communication to keep our bodies in proper homeostasis. The human body has a continuously working, sophisticated and harmonious inter-cellular communication going on at all times. This communication is often accomplished by presenting glycoproteins on the surface of the cells. A glycoprotein is a complex, information-rich molecule composed of a protein core linked to chains of sugars or polysaccharides. The structures of the polysaccharides relay the different codes for messages for the cell. One type of polysaccharides may tell a cell when to divide, while another may tell it to secrete a specific cellular substance. It is when this communication fails that problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis can occur.The immune system of the human body depends upon this intricate cellular communication to coordinate a complex array of repair processes, cellular attacks and apoptosis. Apoptosis is actually a programmed cell death that is supportive of the body and the bodies functions. An insufficient amount of apoptosis can actually result in uncontrolled cell proliferation, which can cause such things as tumors or it can create diseases in the body such as cancer.So with a general idea of the way this amazing polysaccharides from brown seaweed works, let us continue on and talk about some of the interesting and amazing results of studies on this supplement and show some of the benefits and uses for this amazing gift from the sea.

We have already discussed the idea of apoptosis and programmed cell death but the Fucoidan facts are that this amazing polysaccharides has actually been shown to inhibit metastasis by preventing the adhesion of tumor cells to the extracellular matrix. This amazing supplement has clearly been shown to induce the apoptosis of human T-cell leukemia virus type I (HTLV-1) which is the cause of adult onset T-cell leukemia. Further studies have shown that this amazing polysaccharides can suppress angiogenesis induced by Sarcoma 180 cells in mice. NK cells play a crucial role in mediating tumor cell death and Fucoidan has been found to have immunomodulating effects which enhance the activity of these cells. Fucoidan facts are that this supplement has the ability to suppress tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and inteferon-gamma (INF-gamma)-induced NO production in C6 glioma cells along with antioxidant properties that are also highly beneficial to human health. Yes, those are complex facts that may be confusing to a layperson, so the question becomes what does this really mean? It means that the Fucoidan facts are that this amazing supplement has actually been shown to affect cancer cells in a health-promoting manner. Yes, there are studies that have proven that Fucoidan can be beneficial in preventing and treating cancer of all types.

Additional research has uncovered more amazing Fucoidan facts. It has been shown that fucoidan actually has the ability to regenerate cells. It supports the mobilization of stem cells that enables to the body to replace dead cells which in turn, enables tissue and organ regeneration. This is helpful for anti-aging for those of us old enough to be concerned about the effects of old age.

Fucoidan has also been shown to have other beneficial effects on the body. It helps maintain cardiac functions and healthy blood flow, which supports the circulatory system. An increase in blood flow benefits every organ in our bodies which in turn helps us to feel healthier and stronger. This is an antioxidant function which helps us to reduce the normal “wear and tear” of our bodies.
Another study actually indicated that Fucoidan helped to slow the absorption rate of glucose into the blood stream. This helps maintain a more regulated blood sugar level, which allows the pancreas to function in a more normal manner, reducing insulin levels and reducing the incidence of diabetes.

There has been some evidence that the inclusion of this brown seaweed supplement can help our bodies to maintain a normal and healthy level of cholesterol in the body. It has also been proven to be helpful in promoting gastrointestinal health as it stimulates the lining of the gut to “self-repair”

Focoidan has been proven effective in supporting healthy joint function and cartilage health thereby being a preventative measure for the avoidance of arthritis, bursitis and more.

Along with all of the research concerning serious and debilitating diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, this supplement has also been shown to play a significant role in maintaining optimal liver and kidney function. The antioxidant effects of this magical brown seaweed reduces the negative effects of free radicals on our bodies helping to neutralize the negative oxidative stresses of every day life. The fucoidan facts are that this is a potent and powerful antioxidant.

That brown seaweed that you found wrapped around your legs is truly an amazing and powerful health supplement, a gift from the ocean.

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