Fucoidan For Cancer: Fighting The Natural Way

cure-for-cancer-2Just as there are many different types of cancer, there can be different factors that contribute to each one of them. These may include age, genetics, lifestyle, exposure to the sun, chemicals, and viruses, to name a few. At times, cancer treatments that we count on cause more harm than good. As they try to kill the cancer cells, they cause damage to the healthy cells as well. For this reason, more people are turning to natural ways to fight cancer. Some choose to go on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Others rely on different herbs. Still, others opt for a natural solution coming from brown seaweeds, which is better known as Fucoidan.

About Fucoidan

This is a substance, which you can find in various species of brown seaweed. These include kelp and bladderwrack. It contains important constituents like xylose, galactose, and glucoronic acid, among others, which gives its health benefits. According to health studies, it has anti-cancer effects since it prevents cancer cells from developing. It also has anti-thrombotic and anti-coagulanat effects, which improve blood circulation.


• Helps treat high blood pressure or hypertension
• Helps treat allergies, viral and bacterial infections
• Stimulates the immune system
• Detoxifies the body
• Combats ulcers
• Prevents the effects of dermatitis
• Anti-oxidation effects


Fucoidan for Cancer

• Lung cancer

This is the top cancer that has claimed the lives of many in the US. In fact, it is more deadly than the combination of breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Cigarette smoking is the leading contributory factor. The rest of the risk factors include environmental pollutants, asbestos, and radon. Laboratory research studies show that this natural substance has the ability to slow down the growth of tumors, balance the immune system, and kill viruses. It interferes with cancer production and promotes immune cell activity. As researchers treated some human lung cancer cells with Fucoidan for cancer, this showed that it prevented some amount of cell production. In another study, it weakened the functionality of the cancer cells.

• Breast cancer

According to recent studies, Fucoidan for cancer has been proven to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells by inducing apoptosis, which is programmed cell death.

• Nasal cancer

A review on the said substance shows that a patient with stage three nasal cancer was scheduled for a rhinectomy operation and for three weeks before the operation, he aggressively took Fucoidan for cancer in gel form. On the scheduled date, the operation did not take place because the size of the tumor reduced to a smaller size. It was taken out with endoscopy, a non-evasive procedure. When a biopsy was done, it showed no signs of cancer.

• Colon cancer

As the said natural substance was tested on human colon cancer cells, tests show that it induced substantial reductions in the number of cells. These results show that the natural substance can prove to be useful in developing a protocol on the prevention of colon cancer.


There are medical treatments that are designed to destroy cancer cells. However, the healthy cells get also damaged. On the other hand, there are natural alternatives that just the same target the cancer cells but in a very safe manner. Fucoidan is one, and it has been proven to be effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. With no risks or side-effects, it is worth giving a try.