Discover the Sea Kelp Benefits

sea kelpThe health community has recently taken notice of two promising natural health supplements that have rose to prominence among consumers and health practitioners.
Both supplements have a lot in common. Both are derived from the ocean. Both have ancient origins. Yet, they are distinctly different,

We are talking about Sea Kelp and Limu Moui. Both of this sea-based dietary supplements have been getting a lot of attention based on claims that they may improve overall health and foster longevity. Because they share a similar appearance and are cultivated from coastal waters, some people have mistakenly come to believe that this two aquatic plants are the same. Contrary to popular belief, the two are not interchangeable. Many people are confused about what exactly makes them different. By discovering the attributes of each, consumers can decide which of the two natural supplements will best help them work towards their specific goals for health and wellness.

An Ancient Algae for Today’s Health Needs – Sea Kelp Benefits

The rest of the world is finally taking notice of a valuable nutrient source that the peoples of the South Pacific have known about for three thousand years. Limu Moui is a brown seaweed containing unique bioactive properties. What does bioactive mean? It is a substance which can change and benefit actual living tissue; essentially it is life-giving.

Natives have attributed Limu Moui to giving people who consume it as part of their diet longevity and prolonged health. Scientists, upon breaking down the components of the compounds within have confirmed this ancient wisdom, discovering that it contains dozens of essential vitamins and minerals and essential live-sustaining antioxidants and amino acids.

This brown seaweed’s health-giving properties can be mostly credited to something called fucoidan. Fucoidan is credited with improving blood lipid levels within the body. This can lead to positive effects on cholesterol and triglycerides.

Fucoidan contained within brown seaweed also hold promise for combating diabetes. Supplementing with fucoidan in trials has showed evidence of healing capillary blood flow and increased nitric oxide levels. This kick-start of a healthy blood flow is advantageous not only for diabetes sufferers but from people wishing to keep their vital systems healthy.

To break it down, Limu Moui had the following characteristics:

A seaweed cultivated from the ocean
It is bioactive
Contains approximately seventy vitamins and minerals
Improves blood flow within the body

Sea Kelp Holds Promise for Health

Sea Kelp is brown algae originating from the shallow waters.

It is thought to have cleansing properties when consumed since it contains something called algin, which is a natural laxative. Kelp is also characterized by high levels of iodine and folic acid. Aside from being used commonly as a food additive and thickener, sea kelp in capsule form is thought to have healing medicinal properties including staving off viruses, acting a blood-pressure lowering agent, and promoting natural weight loss. Some studies have suggested that there is a connection between cancer prevention and consuming kelp. Many thyroid sufferers are familiar with kelp as a supplement ingredient in medicines used for balancing iodine levels in the body.

To break it down, sea kelp benefits characteristics:

It is a brown algae
It has natural laxative properties
Holds potential for fighting viruses
Contains properties which balance out a iodine levels with the body

Choosing What Works for You

Now that the nutrient makeup and potential health-giving properties of both kelp and seaweed have been established, you can see how important it is to highlight the differences between both of these items in order to achieve one’s own specific health goals.