Advocare Reviews – A Guide To Great Health

We are aware that regular exercise and a well-balanced diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. However, the daily diet of most people does not contain the essential nutrients they need like vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, Advocare products can provide the nutrients that are usually missing from our diet. This, together with a healthy lifestyle, can help us maintain optimal wellness.

Trim is one of the Advocare’s product lines, which provide effective solutions for a healthy weight management. Trim includes meal replacement shakes, a convenient on-the-go nutrition for a busy society. It also combined with the 24 day challenge bundle, an herbal cleanse phase, which comes with vitamin packs, meal replacement shakes, and energy supplements.

Trim’s Meal Replacement Shakes come in various flavors such as berry, vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate mocha. These are offered in pouches, each containing 50% of the body’s required daily value of calcium, 220 calories, 26 vitamins and minerals, 5-6 grams of fiber, and 24 grams of protein.

Trim’s Carb-Ease Plus is backed by numerous Advocare reviews from satisfied customers and over 21 published scientific studies, showing that it supports healthy blood glucose and reduces the adverse effects of excessive consumption of carbohydrate.

Other Trim products include the following:

Catalyst – helps maintain muscle mass and protect and repair muscle tissue
MNS Max3 – supports advanced core nutrition and provides sustained-release energy
MNX Max E (energy) – helps “rev up” metabolism, allowing the body to burn more calories.
MNS Max C – contains appetite suppressants, thermogenics, and metabolic enhancers to help improve the body’s metabolic efficiency.
Thermoplus – helps the body to convert excess fats into energy and promotes healthy metabolic functions
LeptiLean – curbs appetite and boosts metabolism
Advocare Slim – supports appetite and weight management and provides long-lasting energy
Fibo-Trim – helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and assists in transporting, binding, and removing dietary fats

These supplements provide energy and on-the-go nutrition for the people with an active lifestyle, as per Advocare reviews. In today’s fast paced world, we can easily run out of mental and physical energy. This can cause stress and can even lead to poor weight management. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t have time to exercise and eat properly. We drink soda and eat junk food, which are high in sugar and calories.

For optimal overall health, we need increased levels of energy. To perform at our best, we need to sustain our energy, which we can get from AdvoCare energy drink. This contains the right amount of caffeine to provide the energy you need and Vitamin B to enhance the natural ability of your body to create and sustain its energy. It also gives better focus. Another nutritious and delicious supplement is the AdvoBar, a combination of fruits and nuts. This is rich in protein and fiber. On the other hand, O2 gold advanced aims to enhance a person’s daily activities with its unique combination of herb extracts and protein.

These supplements provide nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. As the body replaces the cells that have been worn out, it uses the nutrients we consume through the food we eat. We don’t usually get the nutrition we need from what we eat since most of them are processed foods. Besides, most of them have no nutritional value at all.

A certain amount of vitamins and minerals are recommended for long-term good health and to prevent diseases. Supplements that can increase vitamin and mineral levels, like V100 Tropical Chews, give the body the adequate nutrition it needs. For healthy intestinal health, ProBiotic Boost is a supplement added to any drink or food. It has probiotics that aid in digestion to maintain balance for a healthier function of the intestines.

Immunoguard supports the immune system with its potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, yeast extracts, mushrooms plus a new ingredient known as Epicor. For fresher breath, there is Nice Ice; and to prevent chapped lips, there is Lip Balm. According to Advocare reviews, you can achieve a healthier lifestyle with these products.

Performance Elite is sports nutrition line by Advocare. This line has 8 products as given below –

Muscle Fuel – supports the growth of lean muscle
Arginine Extreme – enhances agility
 Mass Impact – supports enzymes that enhance muscles
Muscle Gain – restores energy lost during physical activity
 Muscle Strength – minimizes soreness of muscles
 Nighttime Recovery – enhances muscle growth, recovery and endurance
Post Workout Recovery – supports the body’s metabolic processes and more
Pro 20 – A great source of amino acids for a long lasting day.

Pre and post work out drinks and supplements are also available for replacing the energy lost during the workout. Another very useful supplement for people with busy lifestyle is the Liquid Protein and Amino Acid Supplement that will give them the right quantity of protein and all essential nutrients.

The Pro 20 is not only for people with busy lifestyles but also for sportspersons. It has to be taken everyday at anytime. According to advocare reviews, these products work well and contain safe ingredients.

Definite Difference is a skin care product that helps repair skin. It contains Vitamin C that makes the skin look healthier. The ingredients in this product protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment and the damaging effect of sunlight, thereby, helping it to retain its youthful look.

Sure, there are many products that are known to give this type of protection, but Definite Difference gives extra protection and definitely, makes a difference.

Most people wake up with a red and puffy face, which results to an ugly and mature look. According to advocare reviews of people who have used this product, using Definite Difference regularly makes a difference. It reduces the redness and puffiness by providing it with the essential nutrients. These nutrients seep into the deepest layers of the skin and repair it. As a result, the skin’s elasticity is restored, making it looks youthful.

A healthy skin needs a good and nutritious diet that is balanced and has all the nutrients so that it can repair itself. Definite Difference provides the skin with this diet in the form of Vitamin C and other nutrients. It is available in crème form, which can be easily absorbed by the skin. Apply it in the morning and night for best results.

24 Day Challenge

The 24 Day Challenge is a complete nutrition and supplementation program that helps in weight management, wellness and enhanced energy.

The program has two phases –

1. Cleanse Phase – The body is put through the cleanse phase in the first 10 days. Three products are used to cleanse the body –

Herbal Cleanse – The first product helps to clear the body of all wastes and prepares it for nutrient absorption. Some people also undergo weight loss during this time. Herbal Cleanse has three products – Herbal Cleanse Caplets, ProBiotic Restore and Ultra Capsules. Herbal Cleanse should be used once only in 3 months.

OmegaPlex – This product contains pure Omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for the body.

Spark – This energy drink helps the body look and perform well everyday. It is a sugar-free product that contains 21 essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Mix the Spark energy drink in 8oz of water and drink it.

After using these three products for the first 10 days, the body is ready for the Max Phase from days 11 to 24.

2. Max Phase – Like the Cleanse phase, the Max phase also has three products as given below –

 MNS or Metabolic Nutrition System – The Max Phase begins with the MNS that provides energy, controls appetite, and at the same time, does not compromise nutrition.

 Meal Replacement Shake – The second product of the Max Phase is the Meal Replacement Shake. It is especially made for those who are in the habit of skipping meals because of their busy life. This healthy shake is formulated using approximately 22 grams of protein, 5 grams fiber, 24 grams carbohydrates, 26 grams of minerals and vitamins, and 50% of the body’s recommended quantity of calcium; it is also available in many flavors.

There are many other AdvoCare products that can be used along with the 24 Day challenge. Although they are not a part of the original package, advocare reviews recommend using them to complement the program and to get the best results.