24 Minute Workout Programs To Get Real Results

The You Can 24 DVD is a workout program designed for people to have great workout in just 24 minutes. Get real weight loss results and fel great in just 24 minutes a day. Each of the 4 DVDs are designed to target specific style of exercise. Use any one of these workout programs to get you in shape today. Think about these DVDs as part of your weight loss program; combine it with vitamins and healthy eating to get the best results.


The Melt 1 & 2 workouts blend a combination
of power, agility, balance and strength to
provide an intense cardio workout.


The Shred 1 & 2 workouts use cardio conditioning
and strength training for a total body workout that
will burn calories and build muscle.


The Sculpt 1 & 2 workouts are designed to make
you sweat through challenging floor exercises.
This sequence focuses on balance and abdominal
training to help sculpt and tone muscle.


Core Stretch promotes recovery and
supports relaxation through dynamic core
and flexibility exercises.


Can You 24

  • 24 minutes is all it takes
  • A 2-disc set that requires no equipment
  • Use the ColorTrack tool to customize your workout level from beginner to advanced
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