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limu moui

Limu Moui Nutrition Facts

Limu Moui is a brown seaweed found in the Tonga Islands near Fiji. This plant has been harvested by the native Tongans for many centuries. Limu allows many Tongans to live past the age of 100 Limu Moui's main ingredient is Fucoidan which has many different health benefits. Fucoidan lowered … [Read More...]

fucoidan wiki

Fucoidan Wiki

Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide (MW: average 20,000) found mainly in various species of brown algae and brown seaweed such as mozuku, kombu, limu moui, bladderwrack,wakame, and hijiki (variant forms of fucoidan have also been found in animal species, including the sea cucumber). Fucoidan is … [Read More...]

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Enjoy the benefits of fiber without eating fiber foods

A healthy lifestyle is always based on the type of food you choose. By eating healthy, you will not only stay healthy, but also feel happy and motivated. To design a healthy diet, you may have to include certain food in your daily regimen. However, you may feel monotonous eating the same kind of … [Read More...]

crying kid cereal

Start Your Day The Right Way With Advocare Nutrition Bars

Nutrition and health are important concerns for a growing number of people in today's society. This increased concern could be attributed to the growing increase of cancer, diabetes and heart disease that continue to plague our society. Therefore striving to maintain a healthy diet is key. … [Read More...]


Great Tasting Meal Replacement Shakes

Many people eat 1 – 2 meals per day, when professional recommendations encourage 4 – 6 meals per day. Not eating a healthy breakfast often means an 18 hour fast between the previous dinner and lunch on the following day. Poor nutrtion encourages fat retention and muscle catabolism (wasting). Muscle … [Read More...]